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Recently, clients have asked gold buyers Melbourne if gold bars are traceable and if anyone can determine who owns a gold bar. After all, you want your wealth to be kept outside the financial system, right? You do not want the government to know about your stash of gold. So, can you trace gold bars?

The short answer is no. Your gold bar is not traceable even if it has serial numbers. However, no one can use these numbers to determine its location or proof of ownership. Like the USA, the rest of the world must report gold purchases exceeding the $10,000 cash mark.

Still, there is more to it than the eye sees, leading us to the next question do all gold bars have serial numbers? According to gold dealers in Melbourne, most gold bars have serial numbers. Yet, it depends on the mint which made the bar.

Risk Assessment vs. Risk Management in Manufacturing

Risk Assessment vs. Risk Management in Manufacturing provided by Qualitrol International, a company providing the highest quality collection of Programmable Logic Controller

Handling Hazardous Chemicals in a Lab

This infographic was created by Technical Safety Services, a provider of caliper calibration services

Family-Friendly Activities To Develop Positive Child Behaviors

Infographic Created By Machrus –
High-Quality Trampolines For The
Safety Conscious Parent

Road Trip Emergency Kit Checklist

Infographic Created By Golen
Engine Service – High-Performance & Reliable Jeep Engines

$7 billion in punitive damages has been awarded by a jury against a cable company’s negligence in hiring an employee who killed a customer

A news report from WFAA Channel 8 ABC in Dallas reported on the 26th of July 2022 that a jury in Dallas County has awarded $7 billion in punitive damages for the “systemic safety failures” of a cable company that resulted in the death of an 83-year-old customer, killed in her home by a field technician that was hired out of negligence.

According to WFAA, a verdict earlier reached in June 2022 discovered that the cable company was responsible for the murder of Betty Thomas, who was killed by Roy Holden Jr, an employee of the company, and directed the company to make compensatory payments of about 90 percent of $375 million to the family of the victim while the remaining 10 percent be paid by Holden.

The Advantages of Hiring Professional Electricians explained by Entirewire Inc.

Entirewire Inc., a reputed Wadsworth electrician explains why employing knowledgeable electricians is a great idea.

In a blog post on its website, Entirewire Inc. outlined the benefits of hiring qualified electricians for electrical repairs.

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According to the Wadsworth electrician, experts have the knowledge and skills to perform any electrical task.

Are Vitamin Supplements Safe?

Infographic Created By Boston Analytical – State-Of-The-Art Analytical Laboratories