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Technologies that make lean construction possible

More and more construction companies are embracing modernity by implementing lean methodology. Incorporating the latest technological advances and industry tactics, lean construction can provide such outfits with a range of benefits.

Lean construction is a philosophical approach that integrates certain principles and ideologies into the design and completion of a project. The goal is to maximize the customer’s value while minimizing waste. This waste refers to many aspects of the work including excess transportation, over processing, under-utilized talents and more. With the Lean Construction Institute estimating 70% of present-day projects being over budget and delivered late, removing as much waste from the process as possible is driving greater profits as well as shortening schedules, improving safety and enhancing relationships.

Low or No Maintenance Industrial Machinery

Even as demand for industrial products continues to hold strong, the manufacturing landscape remains as competitive as ever, with rising costs and competition making already-slim profit margins even tighter. To remain healthy and viable, manufacturers must examine every single area of operations in order to find potential cost savings, and equipment health and efficiency — driven by maintenance— are two such factors that can make a major difference in the bottom line. Equipment downtime is among the most significant resource drains in manufacturing. Downtime is not only detrimental on its own, but also can be an underlying factor in numerous other issues that can plague the pursuit of effective, profitable operations. Taking steps to reduce equipment downtime can counteract these issues and have an extensive positive impact. Rather than requiring emergency maintenance, emergency replacement parts, or missing deadlines; heed the information found within the resource paired alongside this post to avoid any extended periods of downtime on your fleet of equipment.
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Supply Chain Shortages and Its Impact on Manufacturing

When considering the ways in which the supply chain shortages may impact manufacturers globally, one of the most significant complications manufacturers face is poor supply chain visibility. There’s no way to ensure resilience in operations with a lack of visibility. Still, just 55.6% of organizations are using technology to help with better optimization and management of their system, according to Business Continuity Institute. That’s a clear opportunity for improvement. Having a clear and comprehensive map of your supply chain will identify potential disruption risks while also creating a way to minimize long-term delays by having a backup plan in place. The adoption of new technologies can help to minimize such risks. Though these technologies are capable of reducing said risks, it truly comes down to how your organization employs them. For more information on the ways in which these types of technologies can improve your organization’s output, be sure to check out the resource paired alongside this post.

Supply Chain Shortages & Its Impact On Manufacturing

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Recently, clients have asked gold buyers Melbourne if gold bars are traceable and if anyone can determine who owns a gold bar. After all, you want your wealth to be kept outside the financial system, right? You do not want the government to know about your stash of gold. So, can you trace gold bars?

The short answer is no. Your gold bar is not traceable even if it has serial numbers. However, no one can use these numbers to determine its location or proof of ownership. Like the USA, the rest of the world must report gold purchases exceeding the $10,000 cash mark.

Still, there is more to it than the eye sees, leading us to the next question do all gold bars have serial numbers? According to gold dealers in Melbourne, most gold bars have serial numbers. Yet, it depends on the mint which made the bar.

Risk Assessment vs. Risk Management in Manufacturing

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Handling Hazardous Chemicals in a Lab

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Family-Friendly Activities To Develop Positive Child Behaviors

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Safety Conscious Parent

Road Trip Emergency Kit Checklist

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