Everything a Plumber Should Not Do

It goes without saying that the plumbing community has advanced over the past couple of years, especially the customer service department. The key reason for this is the reviews that are supplied online, bad reviews do not do well for the company. To keep these reviews away, listed below are some sins that plumbers commit that are a big NO.


Once a payment plan has been agreed upon, you must not overwork and overcharge for a job. The bill received in the end will and must have the same details as previously decided. No excuses aid you in the matter and all the extra work done goes unrewarded.

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There are many circumstances where you may be dishonest. You may be late or have forgotten a necessary part. You must communicate with the client properly, and make sure to reach the site at the time you agreed on. Excuses will do nothing but lower your chance of a good review.


It is necessary to respect the home, personal space, and belongings of the client you work with. It is not advisable to toss their things around or break things that you borrow.


Nobody wants to work with someone who either smells foul or looks like he would. Many workers turn up to the job with unkempt appearances and behave as if the last thing they want to do right now is a plumbing job.

Slow Work

Plumbers have a reputation for working slowly and finishing the smallest of jobs in a long time. Additionally, most seem like they have no idea what they are doing and the clients end up with a bill of illegible gibberish.

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Lack of Consideration

A person does not want to have random people walking all over their home without asking for permission. It is not right for a plumber to be roaming the halls without asking first.

Adding extra charges

If a plumber has in mind to sneak a few dollars into the bill without anyone knowing, then they must be mistaken. Make sure you never do anything of the sort as it greatly lowers your credibility.

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