Tenant Eviction Clean Up

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Undoubtedly, every landlord loves tenants that make prompt payments, renew their rent every year, and ensure that no damage comes to their property. Truth is, many homeowners will not only rent out to good tenants but will also accommodate havoc wrecking tenants who don’t make prompt payments. In this situation, homeowners are usually left with no option than to eject these tenants.

The main causes of tenant eviction are:

  • Unpaid rent
  • Concurrent late payment of rent
  • Upsetting the peace of other tenants.
  • Property destruction.
  • Holdover

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During an eviction, there are specific procedures and steps that must be carried out by homeowners.

Provide notice in writing of the need for the tenant to move out of the property within a specific time frame.

In a situation where the tenant refuses to leave the property within the grace period, a lawsuit can be filed by the landlord in a superior court available in the county. The tenant will then receive complaints and summons by the sheriff and after receiving the papers, they will have a grace period of 21 days to send a written response to the court.

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In a situation where the tenants still refuse to respond to the complaint and summons, a writ of possession will then be awarded to the landlord by the court. Once the writ is issued, the landlord can take possession of the rent within 14 days. A sheriff can then take control and evict the tenant physically if need be which will enable the landlord to take control of the property.

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Consider some of the latest tenant eviction cleanups.

Homeowners are usually devastated when tenants damage their properties and leave it in ruins whenever they move. Feel free to call on ECS for the cleanup of residual junks whenever you find yourself in this situation.

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