Technologies that make lean construction possible

More and more construction companies are embracing modernity by implementing lean methodology. Incorporating the latest technological advances and industry tactics, lean construction can provide such outfits with a range of benefits.

Lean construction is a philosophical approach that integrates certain principles and ideologies into the design and completion of a project. The goal is to maximize the customer’s value while minimizing waste. This waste refers to many aspects of the work including excess transportation, over processing, under-utilized talents and more. With the Lean Construction Institute estimating 70% of present-day projects being over budget and delivered late, removing as much waste from the process as possible is driving greater profits as well as shortening schedules, improving safety and enhancing relationships.

There are several guiding principles to lean construction that help firms achieve these results. A foremost one is that the project needs to focus more on the deeper values of the customer. Doing so helps to identify value by truly seeing the enterprise from the customer’s point of view. It also helps to shape expectations during the project so that the owner, architect, suppliers and everyone else involved are satisfied with the outcome. In order to ensure these lean construction principles are being met, integrated technologies are imperative. To learn more about the technologies making lean construction possible, such as scaffolding management software, please continue reading on to the infographic supported alongside this post.