Improve Business meetings with AI-based technology

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Business meetings often precede some of the most major decisions ever made in many companies’ histories. Understanding that the information shared within these meetings is of utmost importance, many businesses are beginning to prioritize integrating technology meant to collect that information into their conference rooms. As these meetings are often hosted in rooms with high quality accommodations, outfitting them with AI-based technology can improve the value found in the meetings hosted in these rooms. This is accomplished through the capabilities of these technologies. For example, these tools are able to track, record and store the unique contributions of every participant of the meeting and even break down those contributions to provide comprehensive meeting notes as a meeting ends. This is even true of international-based meetings, where the speakers and those involved may not share the same native language.

Through AI-based translation services integrated into this technology, the audio saved can be translated in real-time to provide a more overarching understanding of any conversations had throughout a meeting. Meeting management is incredibly important in optimizing the time spent by organizations. For more information on how the technology in this space is influencing how meetings are held, please read on to the infographic highlighted alongside this post.

Improve Meeting Management With AI this infographic was contributed by SimpleUC, a premier provider of audio conferencing systems

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