Supply Chain Shortages and Its Impact on Manufacturing

When considering the ways in which the supply chain shortages may impact manufacturers globally, one of the most significant complications manufacturers face is poor supply chain visibility. There’s no way to ensure resilience in operations with a lack of visibility. Still, just 55.6% of organizations are using technology to help with better optimization and management of their system, according to Business Continuity Institute. That’s a clear opportunity for improvement. Having a clear and comprehensive map of your supply chain will identify potential disruption risks while also creating a way to minimize long-term delays by having a backup plan in place. The adoption of new technologies can help to minimize such risks. Though these technologies are capable of reducing said risks, it truly comes down to how your organization employs them. For more information on the ways in which these types of technologies can improve your organization’s output, be sure to check out the resource paired alongside this post.

Supply Chain Shortages & Its Impact On Manufacturing

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