$7 billion in punitive damages has been awarded by a jury against a cable company’s negligence in hiring an employee who killed a customer

A news report from WFAA Channel 8 ABC in Dallas reported on the 26th of July 2022 that a jury in Dallas County has awarded $7 billion in punitive damages for the “systemic safety failures” of a cable company that resulted in the death of an 83-year-old customer, killed in her home by a field technician that was hired out of negligence.

According to WFAA, a verdict earlier reached in June 2022 discovered that the cable company was responsible for the murder of Betty Thomas, who was killed by Roy Holden Jr, an employee of the company, and directed the company to make compensatory payments of about 90 percent of $375 million to the family of the victim while the remaining 10 percent be paid by Holden.

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The family of the victim complained that the cable company stopped implementing a screening program used for employment by the former owner and thus, led to the employment of Holden without any background check on previous employments, which might have revealed that he wasn’t truthful about his work history, according to WFAA.

Furthermore, the trial testimony indicated that an evaluation of Holden’s previous employment history would have shown he has previously been laid off for harassment of fellow employees, forgery, and falsification of documents. Holden was arrested in December 2019 by the police and later pleaded guilty to the murder. He was later sentenced to life imprisonment in April 2021.

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According to another report from the WFAA, a law professor from North Texas indicated that the $7 billion punitive damages were to compel the cable company to increase their screening process when hiring individuals because these employees enter the houses of customers and the safety of these homeowners is paramount.

According to the law professor, the responsibility is imposed on employers. In this case, the duty of care is greater than the regular duty of care because employees have access to homes. The key question here is then, is there a violation of this duty of care?

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