A Guide To Selecting Your Child’s First Car

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Getting behind the wheel with a license in-hand is often a revered milestone. However, it can also be one filled with a mix of fear and pride for many parents. The anxiety could stem from the potential dangers, the realization of how quickly time is passing, financial worries or all of the above. If you’re having such concerns, here are a few words of advice to carefully consider as your kid gets ready to hit the open road.

First, it’s essential to cover the basics. Parents should lay down the rules of the road for their children as well as any house rules for driving. While they may have passed the test, there could still be some learning to do in terms of roadway etiquette and the threat of distractions. Another aspect of this is instilling the importance of proper vehicle maintenance, such as the necessity of routine oil changes and transmission checkups. Go over these before it’s time to buy the car your child will drive.

Speaking of heading to the dealership, it’s important to methodically research vehicles and to determine a budget well in advance. Decide on whether it will be new or used, its size, the essential safety standards and so on. Many parents opt for used in case of a fender bender, or new for the advanced safety features. Whatever your priorities may be, be sure to go over them with your child as his or her input should be valued when making the final decision.

Once a reliable car has been selected, shop around for an insurance policy or add your child to your plan. It’s also a good time to install monitoring technology to help keep your kiddo safe. Modern devices can alert parents by email or phone if new drivers are speeding, heading out of town or even stop them from shifting out of park if their seat belts are not buckled.

Hopefully, these pointers have helped in getting you prepared for this part of your child’s journey through life. As you set out on finding the right car to fit the specific needs of your family, keep in mind the excitement this time has in store for your child and how memorable this time was for you. Doing so may help you feel less anxious and make the occasion unforgettable for the one you hold so dear. For more information on how to ease this process, be sure to check out some of the offerings from FlexorAuto.


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