How to Value Your Domain Name

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If you would like sell your own domain name, it is crucial for you to understand its actual value. It is because you have to keep away from underselling it, while there is nothing can beat over-selling within the domaining world. Despite the fact that you can find a lot of appraisal tools on the internet, the below factors should be thought about when you get the right value for the name.


Age truly matters while analyzing a domain name. A name which has been existing for several years might be acquainted with the search engines and this might increase its value. You may imagine a domain name which is about 10 years old, it can certainly be beneficial that one which is just a year old. Nevertheless, you might be wondering in which you will have these old names – the expired domain name market. Old domains expire every single day along with a basic search online can uncover some of them.

Generic Keyword-rich Names

Generic names have become beneficial particularly when they are part of hot categories. Also, they are free from any legalities like trademark violation and so forth. Because they are typical words, they shall be simple to spell and also pronounce. When associated with hot keywords, they might still be really valuable in your collection.


Short domain names tend to be hot cakes. Quite a lot individuals making full use of the web like to visit sites with short names since they don’t like to save constantly. Because of this, you need to place it in the back of the mind that shortness is an extremely crucial aspect to be considered to get a great domain value.

Domain Extension

You will find various kinds of extensions such,.net,.info, biz,.academy and so forth. The most beneficial of them all may be and there are numerous reasons behind this. It’s the first domain name in history and most of online users are hooked on it. Many web browsers also default and also the internet has unexpextedly adopted it because its main extension.


A lot of companies are trying to find brandable domains. They need something which is short and can create a excellent impression for their customers. When your domain name can be utilized for branding reasons, it might be a very important asset in your portfolio.

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