Getting a Liquor License when opening a new restaurant

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When thinking about opening the new restaurant one of the big decisions that you should make is whether or not to be licensed to provide Liquor. Liquor sales is often very profitable for a restaurant and most restaurants generate up to 2/3 of their profit from people buy wines, beers, as well as other liquor. You will find pros and cons to owning a liquor license and it is advisable to take a look at every side of the question.

Although it might be a considerable method to obtain income for your restaurant, serving liquor is also a major responsibility. You will find various laws to follow according to the state you are located and you need to observe the laws thoroughly and ensure that your staff members do as well.

In many states, a liquor license can be a asset that will become more beneficial as demand for them heightens. In such locations, your liquor license is certainly a great investment. They might also be very expensive to get and may take several months between the moment you make an application for them and the period that they will be issued. If you choose to provide liquor, make a decision in the beginning of planning your business in order that you will have the license when you open up your new restaurant.

Needless to say, you will find drawbacks and in this kind of litigious society the very first doubt that comes to mind is the liability should a buyer have a accident once they leave the restaurant. Lawsuits may cause you to get rid of your license and eventually damage your operation. The bartenders should be very mindful and also careful to not ever over-serve. You should definitely set policies which make it easy for your workers while trying to keep customers as happy and safe as possible.

Knowing how to get a restaurant liquor license is really important for your business and when you choose to provide liquor, don’t start with a large inventory! Get started with a few varieties of beer, wine and also mixed drinks until you discover what your customers likes and what selling price level they are able to afford, especially with fine wines. You most likely are in a local community which usually prefers pilsner over standard beer or even domestic instead of imported wines.

Ensure that the liquor that you provide suits with your restaurants concept. When you serve Mediterranean meals then seek to provide wines from the south of Europe. When your niche is Thai meals then ensure that you provide Thai beer.

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