How Businesses Are Leveraging AI For Marketing

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Most thriving modern businesses are already using AI in their marketing strategy. Artificial intelligence has single-handedly transformed marketing with high-speed tasks, improved customer experience, and higher conversion rates.

It can get tricky to commit your business to AI, a rapidly evolving technology. It does not have to be when you know how to make the most of AI to improve marketing results.

Continue reading to learn how to incorporate AI into your marketing strategy.

4 Ways Your Business Can Use AI For Marketing

Let’s take at the most popular ways that marketers and business owners take advantage of AI opportunities.


1.     Predictive Analysis

The key to an effective marketing strategy is having the right data that can tell you what will resonate with the audience. Predictive analytics uses big data and machine learning to predict who can be the most profitable customers for businesses.

AI-powered algorithms monitor customer behavior trends to predict what they will do next. This helps brands create strategies that prioritize certain customers for certain products or services.


2.     AI-Powered SEO

That’s right; AI also makes things easier for you when it comes to creating content! Google has started using its machine learning algorithm, RankBrain, to better process search results. As such, company website content must be search engine optimized to meet the AI demands and dominate SERPs.

AI tools like BrightEdge will provide you with insights like content gaps, trending topics, the number of sections to include, and so on. With these insights, you can create personalized content that satisfies user intent and Google guidelines.

3.     Intelligent Email Marketing

Machine learning and AI technology can process large amounts of data to extract insights and create high-performing emails.

For instance, AI-powered tools use algorithms to analyze user information and automatically create email copies and subjects. AI can further personalize the experience by sending customers appropriate emails triggered by their actions on the site.

You can also use intelligent tools like With this, you can go through large data in seconds to find the emails of potential leads and prospects!

4.     Chatbots

In a fast-paced society, customers expect a quick responsive attitude from their trusted brands. AI now has well-known practical applications for customer support as well.

An AI chatbot is designed to recognize specific queries and respond to customers in natural language. Many of the advanced chatbots can also be programmed to gather user information to create a personalized experience for the user on the site.

This way, you can get qualifying leads and set up your sales and marketing team for success.

Final Thoughts

If there is anything to learn from the success stories of brands like Starbucks, Amazon, and Spotify, it is to use AI.

If you decide to use AI and machine learning technology, make sure it does not compromise the customer experience. Customers like the humanized experience but also want it at par with AI. So the goal should be to show them the best of both worlds!

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