The importance of using shrink wrapping machine for product packaging

Packaging is extremely important for a vendor, supplier or even manufacturer as this is one of the safest ways to send a product to a customer; when you have inappropriate packaging techniques, the product might get damaged and the risk of it getting sold decreases. This is particularly necessary for multiple products or heavier products available for sale in bulk. When it comes to bulk products that are heavier, are likely to use heat shrink wraps.

Among the most widely used types of heat shrink wrap machines is L-bar sealer. This is due to they are quick, handy and complete the job in a fraction time it takes an I-bar sealer. The majority of people, when they start looking into buying a machine, are impressed to find out just how many functions a shrink wrap machine offers. The main function of a heat shrink wrap machine is usually to package products. Heat shrink wrap machines may also be used to bundle paper together, package food, sort objects and more.

L-bar shrink wrap machines can be purchased in many different sizes and models. Entry level L-bar machines are usually used on a table or countertop. These models are really lightweight and convenient. Often the shrinking of the film is done by using a heat gun, rather than heat tunnel.

Mid-size L-bar sealers are generally the floor models. They also have their own integrated legs and are made to stand by themselves. These kinds of heat shrink wrap machines are really popular for most businesses. High temperature for the shrinking method is usually some kind of heat tunnel. The heat gun can be used, but might be a bottleneck. The Heat tunnels considerably accelerate the shrink wrap process.

The shrink wrapping machine manufacturers also create machines that are able to wraps hundreds to thousands of goods every day. These kinds of machines are widely-used by industrial facilities for bulk product packaging. High-volume L-bar sealers come with magnetic locks, arms which instantly come down for conveyors, custom programming and sealing.

Although the product range of L-bar sealers may differ a lot, the outcome appears the same. The major difference among low, medium and also high volume shrink sealers is the quantity of items they are able to bundle in an hour, day or even month. Almost all shrink wrap machines are able to use PVC and also Polyolefin shrink film.

I-bar models are often available with impulse or heat sealing. The sealers make use of a heated wire to melt over the shrink wrap film. Impulse wrappers use pulses of electrical power to cut via film. Both models of sealers run at on the same speed. Impulse wrappers release much less odors and tend not to burn the edges.

I-bar shrink wrappers require less routine maintenance. The cutting wire must be changed or cleaned occasionally. The Teflon tape and the pad in the I-bar arm and also base must be replaced when they wear out. The pad, Teflon tape and wire can be replaced quickly and don’t need any specific skills to do.
When budget is surely an issue, or you run a small business with low to medium volume needs, these types of heat shrink wrap machine can be the right solution for you.

Infographic provided by MSI Express