Build your career as a group personal trainer

Although personal instruction might cross your mind when you give some thought to personal coaching, personal trainers also manage small group personal training sessions or even lead large group sessions.
You may consider promoting yourself not only as personal trainer, but also as a group trainer. It can increase your clients while offering your clients with a cost-effective alternative to regular personal training sessions.

Small group personal training usually contains 10 people or less. It is an ideal program to start your personal training business as it gives your clients the chance to get individualized training at a fraction of the price. You can organize small group training classes, or your clients can create their own small group and then hire you to coach them in the small group session.

If you are planning to start a personal training career that is targeted on small group trainees, you need to first get the certification necessary to make sure your clients are getting professional instruction. Most personal trainers choose to finish a bachelor’s degree in personal training.

If you visit, you will find an institution that provide not only personal training certification but also offer professional certification for those interested in group personal training classes.

When you enroll at, you will learn group exercise physiology, muscular anatomy, how to teach group fitness classes that will include a cardio training , warm-up, cool-down, stretch, sculpting, and much more. NESTA also give you a complete business and career training system as their gift to you.

NESTA is an international association with over 65,000 members from around the world. Their members are from over 60 countries. Their certifications are recognized, accepted and has been used globally. Many of their graduates are entrepreneurs specializing in a wide range of coaching and training specialties.