Welcome Speech Writing and Delivery

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A welcome speech is presented to mark the beginning of an event or occasion or even to welcome a special person, a group of people or an organization. The main objective of a welcome speech might vary – it can be done to welcome the guests at the grand opening of an hotel, office, restaurant or a company etc, it is also made to welcome the chief guest of an event or to welcome a new staff or employee etc. The main point here is that a welcome speech is done to welcome any individual like guests, employees, chief guests, wedding ceremonies, opening ceremonies based on the event demands.

The typical welcome speech could be in the form of greetings or in the form of specific gestures. For visitors entering an department store are welcomed at the main entrance by employees dressed up in formal costumes and waving at them, potential customers in an restaurants are welcomed by the warm smile of the waiters or waitress saying ‘welcome’, flight attendants +welcome the passengers with a polite smiles etc.

A welcome speech can be delivered on various events like opening of a new office, school, hotel, hospital, shopping centres or even any public or commercial places; where it is a must to welcome the guests, telling everything about the event and its goal. Welcome speech delivers the message that the importance of the guests for you.

When writing an good welcome speech you need to know the essence of your subject along with the emotions of your audience. The speech can also be split up in 3 parts: introduction, main body and conclusion, like the farewell speech. If you still have no ideas whn writing welcome speech you can check some examples at paayi speech as this site can guide you and give you more ideas for writing an effective welcome speech.

A good welcome speech is initiated by welcoming and Greeting the audience and the chief guest of the event. The chief guest as well as the other audiences present should always be welcomed separately by calling out their names in a respective manner.

After you are done with welcoming the guests, it is time to proceed to the chief guest as well other audiences. you need to keep in mind that the chief guest as well as other special guests must be welcomed on a personal basis by the speaker, also with respect to the audience.

A simple yet effective welcome speech addresses all audiences in a very polite manner, making them feel honored and important and by appreciating their presence. No matter the speech welcomes an individual or even a group of people; it must be presented to honor them and to explain to them about the event, occasion or celebration. I believe that after thoroughly reading through this article, you might be able to write an outstanding welcome speech, practice it and then deliver it with full confidence.


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