Supervision For Executive Coaching

Over the past decades the use of executive coaching as an approach of improving overall performance and development for organizations or individuals, has increased significantly. This emerging trend shows no sign of reducing. Instead, the use of internal and external coaches has grown extensively.

Although professional supervision continues to be absolutely essential in professions, it has just begun to discover a place in the area of coaching. But, this is changing and moving fast.

Executive coaching supervision is an ever-growing global trend which is considered as a key differentiator in the profession. It is admitted as an important element of both external and internal coaching – a must have instrument not an optional extra. More and more, corporate clients are asking for supervision as an element of their hiring standards and quality assurance practice.

As the investment decision in executive coaching increases, so the need to make sure quality in the professional services being offered. Executive coaches both internal and external need constant professional support and development

  • Providing the maximum standard of executive coaching.
  • Delivering their work ethically, with dedication and with expected results.
  • Embedding their executive coaching services to organizational practices and values.

Supervision talks provide a time to reflect on one’s performance and to get helpful feedback. Supervision gives an opportunity for executive coaches to collaborate with other professionals to review their particular cases from an individual, professional, and systemic point of view – making it possible for a coach to take a step back from their performance and take a wider view.

Professional qualification and education is crucial as having someone that you might feel comfortable to explore any scenario that impacts you to be the best.

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