Why CTN certificate is important and How to apply

Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) commonly called as Bordereau de Suivi Cargaison (BSC) is a certified marine document which contains some details associated with the cargo as well as its mobility between ports. This certificate must be submitted to the many different shippers councils in African countries

In most cases, the CTN number needs to be shown on all documentation associated with the shipment under that note. The shipper and/or forwarder must provide the number of the certificate to the sea carrier at the loading port for addition in the manifest and also bill of lading.

CTN is required by several African countries, containing detailed information of cargo movement between ports. Actually, CTN certificates have been used to clear shipment from customs; enables Custom Authorities control and monitor import traffic.

Why CTN is important

Because when your cargo has reached the destination, you may think that the customs clearance process is completed properly and that the goods, materials or even any content shipped will be totally complete and lossless.

If you want your cargo to arrive at the right address at the perfect time and without having issues, you should do your certification. We advise that this can be done before loading your ship. This procedure is well defined by the certificate providers. This must be done so you will to be free of any issues or even penalties before the installation.

We highly recommend you have CTN certificate before arrival, Storage, and demurrage on arrival. Penalties must be paid when certificate not done. The amounts might vary based upon the country and the delay.

Cargo Tracking Note can help you pass a system where there is improved port check and security of cargos. CTN can be a waiver documents that provides information of exporter and also importer, shipping and handling methods, type and value of the goods shipped, cost of the shipment along with the name of the ship. It is necessary that waiver documents are submitted before the cargo reaches its final destination. Shipment or arrival without CTN certificate can lead to costly fines at the port of discharge. Additionally, with the system each African country can continue to keep statistical data for long term logistical tracking.

How to apply for CTN certificate

Getting CTN via the authorized agent is certainly the best choice. Bscafrica.net is the approved agent of all African countries to provide the CTN certificates. This can make the process of having the certificate faster and eliminates risks of delays and penalty charges at the destination port.

With BSC Africa, You don’t need to fill a form again. You just need to send all your necessary documents and their team will do all follow ups and other paperwork.

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Your certificates will be sent online with their speed of only 2 hours. Verification and validation occurs in Africa by authorities. Most of CTN certificates are validated within 2 working days.