Cork Rolls and Cork Sheets – How they are used

If you are considering installing cork board sheets to beautify your house or your office, you will need to know what it is and why this board sheet has become a good product.

You will realize that cork sheet usually made of cork oak trees which are grown in the Mediterranean, mostly in Portugal. The corks are harvested and they use it to make the board sheets by a highly technical method compressing and heating. When the product is made for heavier industrial use, then the manufacture will include binding components to ensure it is much stronger.

How it is used

You can use them for flooring, decorating not to mention to use as advertisement or message board. Also many people love creating decorative cork boards and then giving them to family and friends as gifts.

The very common use of such sheets is for flooring commonly as an underlay and in the form of 4′ x 8′ Cork Rolls 1/2″ thick.  Such cork rolls are made from the sheets and most homeowners using them to build a spongy underlay for costly floor coverings.

Cork sheets are great alternative if you are unable to afford the proper insulation material and so most homeowners choose them to insulate their house. Another excellent use homeowners choose this material for is to sound proof the rooms. You might find that it is not the same as other construction materials like fiber glass but it can help to minimize the amount of noise that goes usually between the walls or the floors within your house or apartment. Many homeowners realize that it is also not difficult to install whether it is for sound proofing or even for insulation.

Another excellent use which is increasing in popularity is to use cork sheet in playground. You will find cork sheets or tiles in kindergartens in which they can be a soft cushion for little kids when they tumble over slides so there might be less risk of injury.