Apart from Tax group, a vatable transaction should file separately?

vat registration has been made compulsory for the ones whose taxable products and services pass a threshold of AED 375,000 of a year. This is not a small order as if anyone is seen not following them, he will get punished and will have to pay penalty as well. S, people must mind all of their taxable supplies so that they do not get any penalty on anything they do or not do.

You must show the VAT claimed as a separate total in your purchase records. This is quite important or else there may arise more complications for you.

vat consultancy Dubai

because of VAT being new to the UAE nationals and non—nationals, VAT experts in UAE are playing a huge role for them. They are giving their knowledge to the people so that they may get to learn about the rules and regulations of VAT for their companies and comply with all the rules as well. So, if you have recently opened the company in UAE, you must stay aware form all the changes being implemented for the people in UAE and for more info contact this  firm: Farahat & co

vat implementation- not so old

VAT GOT IMPLEMENTED IN januray1,2018 and all the people who live in UAE must abide by the rules that have been made in order to make the people pay tax. This is no small order and all the people who live here must pay ta or else face punishments.

UAE vat consultants- for your help

they are playing a huge role in this time of confusion for the people in UAE. They are guiding the people about each and everything especially regarding VAT. They are also guiding the people regarding online VAT portals for VAT registration. In fact, they are trying everything just like the government in UAE so that the people may get the complete knowledge regarding VAT and its implementation in UAE.


To be counted in the taxable persons, you must get registered for VAT in UAE as well. This is also what vat consultation services tell you. They will tell you how you can be registered on the online portal and how you can carry out all the requirements in a proper order. In this way, UAE vat registration will become really easy for the people.

Keep records of each and everything with you.

Keeping vat records for almost a year is important too. This will be helpful for you during the audit processes. So, you better keep all of your records safe and sound. All the recipients that are issued to you must be kept in a safe place so that you may not get anxious about them during the audit process.  They will also help you keep an idea about how much you have paid the tax and you will also be able to compare your taxes as well.