We have the best zippers so far!

We have a wide variety of closures for jackets, handbags, briefcases, jackets, dresses, etc. these are made of metal and synthetic material in various colors. our professional qualified technical team supervises the quality control of the products 24 hours a day. At the time of the preparation of the product we can observe the problem and solve it at the same time, each quality control process is checked by qualified professionals testing the resistance of the industrial machines for the necessary sewing to the garment and leaving the cursor free movement, We also manufacture according to the exact specifications of the customer. Click here to buy zippers!

We have been dedicated to the manufacture of different types of zippers, making the processes of tinting, ironing, assembly, and packaging in our own factory. The zippers that we have makes them ideal for use with light garments, in addition the possibilities of finishes and color combinations are very wide and can even achieve fluorescent colors, transparent and with a multitude of shades, which makes these closures are widely used for the manufacture of sports and children’s clothing, luggage, jackets, etc. Thus our objective is to use our flexibility and experience to offer quality products that respond to the needs of each client at a competitive price.

Our facilities are modern and are constantly expanding trying to adapt at all times to the latest innovations and needs of the sector. Click here to buy zippers! Initially, all the components are subjected to a trial test ensuring the quality for our customers. Finally, it is the process of packing inspection ensuring a fast and personalized execution of each order and our quality system.

Our sliders are classified according to their function:


Also called automatic, they have a spring and pin locking mechanism. The pallet can remain locked regardless of the position it has, the mechanism will remain stuck, to release it it will be necessary to pull the pallet. It is applicable in garments that require the cursor always positioned as jackets, dresses, skirts, pants, etc.


These sliders have no locking mechanism, so they are used in parts that do not require fixed positioning of the cursor. It is used in bags, cartridge cases, cosmetic cases. click here to buy zippers!


They have locking mechanisms, for a pin that is located in the pallet or freezer and only blocks when the position of the pallet is down. It is regularly used in inexpensive textile manufacturing pieces.

Auto flat

They have a high-pressure lock mechanism, they are prepared to work the cursor when the pallet is in high and low position, the average position releases the greatest strength in chemical treatments its greatest use in the market is in clothes made with jean cloth.


They can be Non-lock or Automatic. It has the fundamental quality of functioning in both directions of closure. They are used in handbags, laptop cases, suitcases, etc.


They can be Non-Lock or Auto-Lock. The palette is presented in a variety of designs that are used according to the garment where it will be applied. It is used in the clothing fashion market.