Tradenomics – An Ocean of World Commerce

At heart I’m a deep, digital diver. I’m also fortunate to write about my online discoveries. Recently, I discovered Tradenomics.Tradenomics is an information portal offering a wealth of business information links for companies operating domestically or globally. Their homepage is divided into 16 categories:

  • Business Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Experts & Publications
  • Global Business
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Law & Government
  • Purchasing/Distribution
  • Computers & Internet
  • Shipping & Transport
  • Facilities & Equipment
  • Enterprises/Industries
  • Education & Training
  • Social Responsibilities
  • Travel Management
  • Finance & Investment


Each category contains five sub-sections of topics and those topics possess numerous resource links.

For example, Entrepreneurship’s sub-sections include “Building Your Business” and “Business Plans & Strategies;” Global Business offers resources for “Expos & Trade Shows” and “Import & Export” links; Computers & Internet provides e-business and e-services links.

The majority of these links are directed toward US-based companies and organizations, but there are links for Canadian, European and Pacific Rim resources.

Tradenomics is similar to, previously reviewed in ibizTips. One thing I liked at Tradenomics that I didn’t see in is the Expos & Trade Shows section. Here you can see listings of various shows and events you might like to attend or participate in throughout the world. You can select trade and expo shows by particular search parameters, such as industry, date availability and/or location.

In Carriers & Freights, there’s a worldwide listing of transportation options available to move your goods either by train, plane, ship or truck; and you can track freight movement and compare shipping schedules.

Global Business offers links to import and export directories, “Customs, Duties & Tariffs” and “International Legal Resources” to assist you in cargo and other commercial- related laws overseas.

Tradenomics’ homepage also offers a currency converter, word translator, world time clock and stock quotes. Along the right column are News, Find-It and Ideas, which provide the latest business information and Internet search engines.

I like the construction of this site with categories, sub-topics and sub-headings listed in descending order, like a quarterly or annual business report presentation so the user may choose from the ample stock of resource links to accommodate small, medium or corporate business needs. I did find a few links that were no longer active, but that number was small compared to the overall availability of active links.

The information is free and there’s no registration required, so dive in and see what Tradenomics has to offer you.