Marketing to Baby Boomers

As a home professional, you need to understand who your customer is, not just the age or their home. You need to understand their lifestyle, their priorities in how they spend money and how they make buying decisions. An article in the National Networker, What Boomers Want: Tips for Marketing to the Spending Generation, inspired this article.

More fascinating was the wealth of information I found when researching boomer statistics … as I was focusing on where the money was going, and how boomers are likely to invest in their homes to support new lifestyles.Boomers are the Wealthiest and Most Educated Generation Boomers Remodeling Their Lives Tips on boomer buying habits, that will help you find more effective ways to attract them as clients, and build long term repeat and referral business.Boomers want to be fully educated on our products and services, from how they benefit them to your approach to service delivery , more information is better, and knowing you share their value system builds trust.“Boomers want to feel like they’re in control of the entire process from beginning to end (example: they don’t just accept what a doctor tells them as their parents did – they’ve done their own research prior to the visit, know what they want, and don’t stop until they get it and they’ll do the same with you from the National Networker.

Boomers want to feel like they know you (your Facebook profile or your blog’s “About” page), they want to see you as an expert  and they rely on referrals, testimonials (get those online somewhere/everywhere) and word of mouth marketing, so you need to understand that advertising along won’t work.While I’ve been promoting “cooperative marketing” from the home professional perspective, I was fascinated to learn that boomers love getting everything in one place. The examples were Super Walmart/Target for middle income, and upper income boomers want everything brought to them so it’s wise to package your business with complimentary services just like we’re doing here at the Association of Women Home Owners … “They can pick which they want, but really like having everything put together for them if they need all or some of the products/services surrounding yours”Boomers will find the solutions that make sense to them at the time, versus being loyal to a brand.