The importance of using augmented reality for digital marketing

Virtual and augmented reality are really popular today. Some companies have been benefiting from such innovative trends, and there might be no signs of quitting them presently, as technology will always be catching up with their needs.

The definition of augmented reality or AR is really obvious. It augments digital images to what a person views surrounding them. It is different from virtual reality (VR) that brings you to a totally different place, while AR doesn’t. You remain in the real world.

Augmented Reality has always attracted companies to use it for digital promotion and it is usually cost effective. You can still save more money for advertising on Facebook rather than you produced a TV commercial or using a printed billboard (at the same time reaching more people).

The same thing goes with augmented reality. Online marketers can make digital billboards which can be streamed via AR visors, helping save valuable resources and real life space which would have been used for making and showcasing large billboards. Those virtual billboards should not be static. They could be videos or even catalogues that AR users can look through.

With this technology, you can make advertisements inside games, like a poster of a product displayed in a showroom and it can have an effect on what a shopper buys in the real life.

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