DRTS – Solutions for small and large drip irrigation manufacturers

In these modern times , drip irrigation technology has gained massive consideration from farmers , as water supply for farming uses have been greater than before and available water sources have decreased . Drip irrigation will help the use of water adequately. A innovative drip irrigation system minimizes water run out through heavy percolation or even evaporation to nearly zero. When water absorption is minimized, farming costs are cut down. Additionally, problems might be minimized such as the onset of diseases including fungus infection. Irrigation can be controlled accurately to match crop needs, keeping the promise of greater production and quality.

The expense of drip irrigation systems might be expensive. The costs are determined by terrain characteristics, water source, crops, and soil structure. The initial costs are usually involving the costs of drippers, pumps, tubes, emitters, pipes, and also installation.

As farmers improved their irrigation system, manufacturers must also upgrade their machine to maintain production of supplies and continue to sell in an affordable manner. Innovative systems need good managers and knowledgeable suppliers who are able to help their customers stay on top of the market.

If you visit DRTS website you will find many products needed for drip irrigation system such as fittings, filters, driplines, drippers, Layflat and many other components needed for an effective drip irrigation system. DRTS also offers drip irrigation technology and machinery to small and large drip irrigation manufacturers. They offer turnkey production lines for various drip irrigation products and solutions. DRTS will train your personnel, and handles installation, and consistently provides technical support and the most up-to-date technology so you will be more competitive in today’s global or local markets. With DRTS, it is possible for your company to be an independent manufacturer, their machines match all drippers found on the market. They also provide drippers and moulds to manufacture drippers independently.