Google Conquest: An Online Empire In A Box

It’s a complete online empire in a box that gives the average person or the experienced Internet marketer the ability to conquer micro niches in the search engines using blogs. Now this concept is nothing new but what Alex has done is to almost completely automate the entire process from blog launch, promotion and content creation.

Now I know you may be thinking “yeah right I’ve been burned by so called fully automated tools before. They never do what they say or there is always more work involved then they advertise.” This is not the case with Google Conquest. This system is truly almost 98% automated. You can literally launch a blog filled with content, videos, track backs and get links all in well under an hour. These blogs are fully optimized to attract search engine traffic from micro niche keywords and can be monetized with Adsense, CPA or affiliate offers.

Just building one of these blogs can net you $10 a day in affiliate and Adsense commissions. Imagine if you built 100 of them. You would be making $1000 a day on complete autopilot. The only work on your end would be setting them up which literally takes minutes with the unique Google Conquest software.

I have never seen anything like this ever. It launched on November 25th and only 1000 will be sold. Most likely by next week it will be completely sold out and closed to the public. Not only do you get access to the Blog automation software and links network but you also get training to help you get off the ground and making money right away.

There is just too much value in this product. If you were to attempt to do these things on your own you would be spending hours upon hours in labor setting this up and maintaining the blogs yourself. Go check out Google Conquest for yourself.