TweetFavy Review: An Honest Article On My Experience

After setting up my own website one of the first things I wanted to do was build a following. Actually get visitors on my site to read my posts, after all, what would be the point of uploading articles for no one else to read? I came across a platform called TweetFavy, which is a marketing automation software aimed at growing your Twitter. This TweetFavy review will detail some of the pros and cons I discovered when using the platform.

The Cons of TweetFavy

It might be unusual for me to start off my TweetFavy Review with all the bad things, but I think it is best to end on a positive note than a negative one. Unfortunately, I did find a few cons with this platform, but none that were significant.
The 2 week trial I initially took out was plagued with a variety of bugs. This resulted in my Twitter profile being unlinked from the platform and meant the software couldn’t do its work. I did contact customer support about this, who apologised and said my profile needs to be relinked, which I did. However, this problem occurred several times throughout, meaning I did not get as much use as I should have from the trial.
Furthermore, I question the ability of the software for accounts with an already established following. I did not see significant gains, and I imagine if you already have that fan base built up the effect would be negligible.

The Pros

Now onto the more positive influences. I was quite happy with the results. I grew my following to over 100 or so, which allowed me to build up an audience, albeit a small one. It was fantastic for starting a new profile, and making it appear to be not so insignificant.

I also enjoyed the level of customization I was provided with. If you want greater control and more features, you do have to pay more, the free trial I enjoyed only offered the basic features. This meant I could target 7 specific hashtags, which did allow for quite a broad reach.
Earlier I mentioned how I had issues with the software, but when I did contact customer support I received support quickly and the team was helpful in solving my problem. This shows that the team is dedicated and cares about the customers, even though I was only on a free trial.


Ultimately, as a one-man team, I don’t think I would pay to use this software. The starter package, which estimates to gain you 140-420 followers a month costs around $9, whereas the basic package is $19. The basic package was the one I used, and the followers I gained from roughly one week was in line with their monthly target of 240-720 new followers.

This platform may be better suited to companies willing to invest into growing their brand, but for me personally, I did not believe it to be value for money. I noticed a lot of the followers I gained were actually bots, probably using a similar software themselves, so even if I gained a large following through this software, the value would be low. It’s unlikely I would convert many of my followers into paying customers, but I suppose it does help me appear to be larger than I actually am which has value in itself.

Ideally in the future I would like to have a longer trial, as I felt I didn’t get the full worth out of it. It appeared to be a great tool in many ways, but my experience was lacking a bit. However, when the platform does offer a free 2 week trial to all users, there’s nothing to lose if you want to try it yourself.