Make a 6 figure income as a freelancer

If you have decided to use your set of skills to make money for yourself rather than somebody else’s company, you probably have high aspirations. Hopefully this article will help provide guidance on how to reach an annual six figure income working as a freelancer.

Choosing Your Niche
This is extremely important, you need to determine exactly which area you are most proficient in. By whittling it down to a specific niche you are able to market your skills to an easily targetable market. If you choose the right niche, you will be able to charge more for your services as you should become known as an expert in this field. You should play to your strengths, as there is no point deciding to enter into the website creation niche if you have no prior experience in this area.

Branding Yourself
When a company is selling a product, the marketing aspect and branding aspect is incredibly important. Consider why Pepsi sells so many cans a year, when there are hundreds of different cola brands on the market. The reason is branding. If you successfully brand yourself as an expert who knows what he is doing, you can instil confidence in your clients and increase the desirability of being hired for projects.

Target Market
Another crucial step is to identify your target market. Say your freelance profession is graphic design, if you do not know who to target with your skills you will be unable to secure paying clients. In this example, your target client may be newly formed companies seeking a logo, but then you need to know where to find them. Find out where your market goes to hire, and place yourself onto that platform.

Another key aspect is to involve yourself into the relevant community of where your target market is. For this, let’s pretend you are a professional marketing consultant. There are many online forums and platforms where business owners go to ask for advice and support. If you involve yourself in these forums you will be able to actively make yourself seen and known, hopefully securing clients based off your reputation within this community.
Furthermore, if it is a forum where your target market congregates, by displaying your skills by providing informative posts and advice you will be able to seen as an authoritative figure. This will grant you a position of power and should create a demand for your services.