Create your own website and domain marketplace

Today people are living in a digital world, an incredible number of websites have been created for various needs but because of many different reasons the webmasters are unable to maintain the sites and would want to sell their site and domain. This is a big opportunity to start your website and domain flipping like flippa.

You can find a lot of companies offering website Clones of flipping websites and domain like Flippa. Many entrepreneurs already have bought these clone scripts and set up their own business. According to my suggestions offers excellent clone scripts which enable you to have websites and domains marketplace like Flippa Clone.

Build2flip* is ClonesCloud’s fantastic Flippa clone script that helps to start a profitable online websites and domains auction for selling and buying websites. You can get an outstanding commission on every single sale taking place in your site. The following are most of the crucial features in this flippa clone script: Buy sites, list sites, – Escrow and PayPal system – View past online auctions – Handy to organize from admin interface.

This increased the demand for website and domain marketplace which can be a great potential business throughout last few years. Therefore, they developed the Flippa Clone script. Such script Script provides you with a lot of advance benefits purposely for the bidding concepts, auctions, buy now and many others. With a single view a user can fully understand the expiry date for the website auction. This php flippa clone script can handle almost endless postings and categories. Secure payment access, their product support PayPal as default to make sure secure transaction between seller and buyer.

The properly designed layout is very simple to operate and includes spaces for you to add relevant details like legal terms, contact links as well as company information. This is certainly more than just a site template; it’s a fully-functioning clone script.

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