Why Online Name Card Printing Services Are Getting Popular

Despite the many problems the world is facing today, modern technology makes things better. Take for instance, printing. In the past, if you wanted to have something printed, you had to search for a printing service that specializes in printing what you need.

You needed to draw up the design of what you want to print; call up prospective printing services, transfer the print design to a film; proof it; select the paper; and so forth.

The Convenience of Modern Printing

These days, there is no need for this complexity. The entire printing process has already been digitalized. Starting from the design, ordering and all the way up to printing, the process has been cut short, thus saving time and printing costs.

And eventually businesses started offering online printing. It didn’t take long for online printing to be in vogue making the printing process even easier and cheaper. For instance, if in the past you needed to print name cards, the printing company will charge you a good deal of money, for a few hundred pieces. That was reasonable because of the laborious process involved.

To have good quality name card Nowadays, all you have to do is to choose a business card template available for free in some websites, and if you don’t have a personal printer, you can ask an online printing company to do it for you. In just a couple of days, you will have your cards delivered at your doorstep, at a very affordable cost. This is the primary reason why online printing is very popular today.

What You Need to Do

If you need a name card printed for work or for personal use, the step by step process is not that difficult. To get the best printed name cards, here are the steps you need to follow:

    1. Choose a printing service – you are advised to compare at least three printing companies to get the best rate.
    2. Fill out their order form.
    3. Choose the paper you want for your name card.
    4. Specify the printing colors – whether it is just black or full color. This will also depend on the color of your logo (if you have any).
    5. Specify if you want print on both sides of the card. Printing on both sides normally doubles the cost.
    6. Specify how many cards you need.
    7. Specify when you need them to be completed.
    8. Upload your name card design.
    9. Wait for the printed proof of the card.

If you’re happy with it, you can place your order, and pay for your name cards.