Dropshipping can be a great way to start a business

 What is drop shipping?

Dropshipping is a method which allows you to sell items without the expense of carrying inventory or warehousing. Dropshipping is the process in which the owner of a business has merchandise sent directly from the wholesaler to the owner’s customer. You simply place items for sale, either through online auction sites (eBay, Yahoo, Overstock Auctions etc.), or on your own ecommerce website. Once you make a sale, you collect payment from the customer and then forward the order to us. We take care of all the shipping arrangements and provide you with a tracking number for your customer. You are free to sell our items for whatever price you like, including extra shipping and handling fees if you desire. You make money on the difference between whatever price you decide to charge and the price listed on our site… leaving you with pure profit and no overhead (shipping, warehousing, etc.) expenses!

How Drop Ship Works

If you are also interested in making a living from home, just like us selling to a global audience, check out the banner below. Scott and his staff are friendly and helpful. He is only accepting 50 resellers so don’t delay! We were fortunate to get a spot.

A2ZCDS is your exclusive source for many hard-to-find and unique compilation multimedia CDs and DVDs. Being home of the ‘World’s Largest Innovative CD-Rom Library’  A2ZCDS offer many rare and unusual CDs, covering a wide range of topics including top secret informational, web design, historical photographic and video collections, military and government, software compilation, educational and how-to, and desktop themes CDs.

A2ZCDS.com has a flawless sales record in terms of on-time shipping and product quality, so there”s never any need to worry about your auction reputation. As an added precaution, they offer dispute resolution services through SquareTrade to ensure your protection.

To qualify as a drop shipper, all you need is a PayPal or merchant account, an active eBay membership with a feedback rating of at least 100, and a basic understanding of the auction process. I have heard that they are willing to work with “newbies” to online auctions as well through their exclusive eBay training program that they have developed.