The importance of using memorable phone numbers in your business

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Memorable phone numbers would make a great difference in a business’s daily operations and revenue, and they are quite ideal for any businesses of all sizes. No matter what a business’s product or service, a well-chosen memorable phone number can be one of the most beneficial investments for your business.

The main benefit of a vanity toll free number is the brand identification that it directly develops for a company’s phone lines as well as its services. Researchers have found that people can recall up to 7 numerical digits from their temporary memories, however they still have a much time recalling words and patterns. You will realize how effective a toll free phone number to keep in mind with such kinds of patterns might be, as companies with memorable numbers will certainly receive a larger volume of calls from their prospective clients.

This memorable number also provides branding prospects for businesses which use vanity toll free numbers. It can build a sense of correlation between a vanity numbers along with a company’s work. With the appropriate advertising strategy, many businesses use a vanity number and they can get significant responses from their clients by simply displaying the number repeatedly on and commercials ads. This is certainly a strategy that most businesses have implemented for many years. As an example, many automotive and furniture companies in certain area which have established reputations using vanity toll free number. And it is not only intended for local businesses-any business can increase profits from the branding recognition of a vanity phone line.

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Vanity phone numbers are not just memorable to our potential clients; they really make an good impact on businesses as well. That same branding that accumulates a customer base works for contacts that will be the solution to gaining dynamic connections in the business community which will transform into long-term, highly profitable relationships. Adding a vanity phone number on all messages improves a company’s trustworthiness and helps make a business look more trustworthy and reliable. Vanity numbers are influential status symbols in the world of business.

The benefits of a vanity phone number can be obtained from the integration of technologies which are provided by With their good quality phone system and a memorable toll free phone number, as an instance, small businesses can create the impression that they are bigger than they actually are, only by purchasing memorable phone number at A lot of calls can be managed simultaneously due to the sophisticated features of the phone system offered by Ringboost.

There are some benefits you will get if you get your memorable phone number from

  • Increases ROI (return on investment)
  • Memorable marketing tool that can be used across multiple ad channels
  • Call response rates increase, typically by more than 20%
  • Raises credibility
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Adds a new sales avenue with extensive tracking and monitor options
  • Provides a competitive advantage to help stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Increased repeat-calling and referrals
  • Improves customer service contact points
  • Improves customer feedback contact points

Companies with toll free phone numbers will perform much better than their rivalry, at least relating to phone traffic, by choosing a memorable and brand-establishing contact number. It is a really affordable and quite effective solution to build a brand, even in overcrowded markets. An effective form of promotion that gains influence with each repetition.

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