Create your own website and domain marketplace

Today people are living in a digital world, an incredible number of websites have been created for various needs but because of many different reasons the webmasters are unable to maintain the sites and would want to sell their site and domain. This is a big opportunity to start your website and domain flipping like flippa.

You can find a lot of companies offering website Clones of flipping websites and domain like Flippa. Many entrepreneurs already have bought these clone scripts and set up their own business. According to my suggestions offers excellent clone scripts which enable you to have websites and domains marketplace like Flippa Clone.

Build2flip* is ClonesCloud’s fantastic Flippa clone script that helps to start a profitable online websites and domains auction for selling and buying websites. You can get an outstanding commission on every single sale taking place in your site. The following are most of the crucial features in this flippa clone script: Buy sites, list sites, – Escrow and PayPal system – View past online auctions – Handy to organize from admin interface.

This increased the demand for website and domain marketplace which can be a great potential business throughout last few years. Therefore, they developed the Flippa Clone script. Such script Script provides you with a lot of advance benefits purposely for the bidding concepts, auctions, buy now and many others. With a single view a user can fully understand the expiry date for the website auction. This php flippa clone script can handle almost endless postings and categories. Secure payment access, their product support PayPal as default to make sure secure transaction between seller and buyer.

The properly designed layout is very simple to operate and includes spaces for you to add relevant details like legal terms, contact links as well as company information. This is certainly more than just a site template; it’s a fully-functioning clone script.

How to get your content published on high authority sites

There are so many reasons that you might choose to submit your content on a very high authority site , and one of the major reasons is because it can help to impersonate your business in a lot more positive and impressive light.

It might often seem very hard to get your content noticed by a worthwhile audience and you may likely have imagined being able to post an article with authority backlinks to your website on a top authority site HuffingtonPost, Forbes and Enterpreneur.

Even though this might be simply a dream, can always make sure that the dream turns into a reality since they have the access to post your content on this authority site, meaning that they can help create a buzz which can lead into your benefits, as follows:

Excellent Exposure Potential
The exposure potential while getting published on leading media sites is tremendous. With a lot of prospective clients reading article content there every day, you are virtually assured to get visitors who might be interested in the business you’re running.

Impress Your Clients
Be displayed in a form of writing regarding your business in such a way that visitors can be directed to your site and clients will be amazed before they read everything about your business . when people visit your site , these people know that they were directed there by an authority site that they trust – which ensures that the trust will probably extend into their relationship with your business.

Powerful backlinks
Having content that links powerfully to your site from HuffingtonPost .com will help your Google rankings significantly. It is possible that simply 1 to 2 backlinks from a site like HuffingtonPost .com may boost a site ranking on page one of Google locally.

If you have already an article can help get that article published, but if you don’t have an article. They can write one for you.

TweetFavy Review: An Honest Article On My Experience

After setting up my own website one of the first things I wanted to do was build a following. Actually get visitors on my site to read my posts, after all, what would be the point of uploading articles for no one else to read? I came across a platform called TweetFavy, which is a marketing automation software aimed at growing your Twitter. This TweetFavy review will detail some of the pros and cons I discovered when using the platform.

The Cons of TweetFavy

It might be unusual for me to start off my TweetFavy Review with all the bad things, but I think it is best to end on a positive note than a negative one. Unfortunately, I did find a few cons with this platform, but none that were significant.
The 2 week trial I initially took out was plagued with a variety of bugs. This resulted in my Twitter profile being unlinked from the platform and meant the software couldn’t do its work. I did contact customer support about this, who apologised and said my profile needs to be relinked, which I did. However, this problem occurred several times throughout, meaning I did not get as much use as I should have from the trial.
Furthermore, I question the ability of the software for accounts with an already established following. I did not see significant gains, and I imagine if you already have that fan base built up the effect would be negligible.

The Pros

Now onto the more positive influences. I was quite happy with the results. I grew my following to over 100 or so, which allowed me to build up an audience, albeit a small one. It was fantastic for starting a new profile, and making it appear to be not so insignificant.

I also enjoyed the level of customization I was provided with. If you want greater control and more features, you do have to pay more, the free trial I enjoyed only offered the basic features. This meant I could target 7 specific hashtags, which did allow for quite a broad reach.
Earlier I mentioned how I had issues with the software, but when I did contact customer support I received support quickly and the team was helpful in solving my problem. This shows that the team is dedicated and cares about the customers, even though I was only on a free trial.


Ultimately, as a one-man team, I don’t think I would pay to use this software. The starter package, which estimates to gain you 140-420 followers a month costs around $9, whereas the basic package is $19. The basic package was the one I used, and the followers I gained from roughly one week was in line with their monthly target of 240-720 new followers.

This platform may be better suited to companies willing to invest into growing their brand, but for me personally, I did not believe it to be value for money. I noticed a lot of the followers I gained were actually bots, probably using a similar software themselves, so even if I gained a large following through this software, the value would be low. It’s unlikely I would convert many of my followers into paying customers, but I suppose it does help me appear to be larger than I actually am which has value in itself.

Ideally in the future I would like to have a longer trial, as I felt I didn’t get the full worth out of it. It appeared to be a great tool in many ways, but my experience was lacking a bit. However, when the platform does offer a free 2 week trial to all users, there’s nothing to lose if you want to try it yourself.

5 reasons why your new businesses fail

It is not a comforting thought that up to 50% of businesses fail within 5 years. It may even put you off from attempting to start your own. While nothing is ever guaranteed in the world of business, you shouldn’t be discouraged by the failures of others. Instead, objectively look at ways to avoid making the same mistakes, and use that to drive success from within your own business. Most mistakes are avoidable, and in this article, we will look at some of the more common reasons why businesses fail.

Not enough planning

Perhaps the most common reason itself is before the business has come into fruition, not enough planning has taken place. Without a significant amount of research you may have failed before you have even begun. You need to ensure you are targeting a sector that has demand. Opening up a bookstore would be a bigger challenge these days, with companies like Borders now ceasing to exist. There will always be a select niche, but that doesn’t detract from the demand declining so much.

If you invest enough time into carefully researching before you dive in, you should get a strong idea whether your area can actually support what you are wanting to introduce. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Focusing on profits not cash

You may be surprised to find out that many profitable businesses are forced to close. Just because they are making a profit does not mean they have a strong liquidity that can easily pay their creditors. You need to have the money in the bank to pay your bills on time. If you are selling goods on credit where you will not be paid for up to 60 days, you may have debts to pay before you receive that money.

If you aren’t receiving your money before you have to pay your creditors, you are going to have a hard time staying afloat. This underpins why it is essential to have a fully planned out cash flow forecast, and if there is an expected deficit, you can implement a plan of action.

Growing too quickly

While it certainly is great if your company is in a position where you want to expand, you have to tread the path carefully. Expanding too fast can result in many problems all occurring at once. If you are rushing, you may make poor recruitment decisions, lose focus on core operations and reduce the stability of your overall position.

It is recommended to take one step at a time, and only when you are securely ready to move forward to do so. It is tempting to try and expand as quickly as possible, but with so many different components coming into play, you may pay the consequences of running before you can walk.

Economic Downturns

Some sectors more than others are prone to being heavily affected by economic downturns or recessions. All could be going smoothly, but if a recession hits and consumers start spending less your business could be the one that suffers.

The 2007 financial crisis hit small businesses especially hard. People just did not have the same level of disposable income as they previously did. You could try to protect yourself from market forces by creating a recession-proof company, however there is a balance to be struck. Value stores and pawn shops thrive in recessions, whereas hospitality and construction companies generally suffer. You should think about how safe your business in regards to recessions and plan accordingly.

Poorly located

If your company is going to be a retail store than it is integral to get the right location. A bad location could make a fantastically managed and in demand business turn into a disaster, whereas the perfect location could make a bad business strive.

There are several factors needed to be considered. Ask yourself; where are my customers located? How is the infrastructure and accessibility? Is there a lot of competitors close by?

You need to strike an ideal balance between everything. Being located close to your competitors might be a good idea because you know there is demand for your service. Alternatively the competition could be too fierce in that location, after all there are already established companies there.

Make sure you take into account every possibility, look at the situation objectively to give yourself the best chance of choosing the perfect location.

Make a 6 figure income as a freelancer

If you have decided to use your set of skills to make money for yourself rather than somebody else’s company, you probably have high aspirations. Hopefully this article will help provide guidance on how to reach an annual six figure income working as a freelancer.

Choosing Your Niche
This is extremely important, you need to determine exactly which area you are most proficient in. By whittling it down to a specific niche you are able to market your skills to an easily targetable market. If you choose the right niche, you will be able to charge more for your services as you should become known as an expert in this field. You should play to your strengths, as there is no point deciding to enter into the website creation niche if you have no prior experience in this area.

Branding Yourself
When a company is selling a product, the marketing aspect and branding aspect is incredibly important. Consider why Pepsi sells so many cans a year, when there are hundreds of different cola brands on the market. The reason is branding. If you successfully brand yourself as an expert who knows what he is doing, you can instil confidence in your clients and increase the desirability of being hired for projects.

Target Market
Another crucial step is to identify your target market. Say your freelance profession is graphic design, if you do not know who to target with your skills you will be unable to secure paying clients. In this example, your target client may be newly formed companies seeking a logo, but then you need to know where to find them. Find out where your market goes to hire, and place yourself onto that platform.

Another key aspect is to involve yourself into the relevant community of where your target market is. For this, let’s pretend you are a professional marketing consultant. There are many online forums and platforms where business owners go to ask for advice and support. If you involve yourself in these forums you will be able to actively make yourself seen and known, hopefully securing clients based off your reputation within this community.
Furthermore, if it is a forum where your target market congregates, by displaying your skills by providing informative posts and advice you will be able to seen as an authoritative figure. This will grant you a position of power and should create a demand for your services.