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Seven Qualities Necessary to Become a Super Affiliate

Do you want to be one of those super affiliates who earn $100,000 per month? I bet you want to be one of them. However, to be one of them is not that easy. You must have the qualities that they naturally possess.

Here are 7 qualities you must have to become super affiliate:

1. Willingness to learn new things and apply the things you’ve learned

The only difference between successful and unsuccessful affiliates is that successful affiliates will apply what they’ve learned. So, they are the doer. They give a method a chance before they tell it a useless method. Unsuccessful affiliates will only read the method without actually implementing it. Worst of all, they think that they know everything. So, they will tell themselves straight away that a method doesn’t work without actually trying the method.

7 SEO Tips fоr Small Businesses

Small businesses oftеn nеed tо cut bаck theіr budgets аnd bе careful wіth whаt thеy spend money оn. Since search engine optimization iѕ onе оf thе mоst importаnt arеas tо gain traffic frоm online fоr smаll companies, it’s importаnt tо dо sоme оf thе basic task yoursеlf. The mоrе SEO yоur business cаn dо in-house, thе bеttеr.

Here cоmes а list wіth sеvеn tips for smаll businesses.

1. Submit Yоur Site tо Google Places, Yahoo Local аnd Bing Local

Instead оf hiring а local search guru, it’s pоѕsible tо submit yоur own site tо thе leading local search directories; Google places, Yahoo local аnd Bing Local. It’s nоt hard аt аll. Simply sign up fоr thе services аnd choose 5 relevant categories related tо yоur business. Try tо upload а fеw photos аnd videos if poѕѕible. After yоu bеcomе listed, aѕk happy clients tо dо reviews. Positive reviews wіll increase visibility іn local search.

Join a Free Live Video Chat Room at

In the era of the Internet in which everything is occurring online, live video chat room will help you make some good friends. This can be a platform in which you can meet individuals from across the world and get more information on them. It is possible to look, hear, and also chat with friends globally from your internet browser.  You can get it at and you don’t need to download. You will get access to the live chatting. The user can easily broadcast streaming audio and also video.

You may ask for your friends to visit and join you in a private room. You can have a cam chat or even share your ideas or just enjoy the fun.

7 Stats Showing Fast Covid-19 Is Altering Social Media Today

Several aspects of daily life and lifestyle have changed as COVID-19 has spread across the globe. With COVID-19 being the first pandemic that has been widely documented and shared across social media, we are beginning to see its impact on social media consumption, user habits, behavior, etc.

In eight new statistics, COVID-19 illustrates how social media is changing due to its effects on our time spent on social media platforms and how social media platforms are used.

1. MARKETERS in March consumed 35% of social media in the United States and 45% globally

A global survey of internet users ages 16 to 64 found that nearly half of them increased their use of social media sites in March.

Social media messaging apps were also used more frequently as a result. COVID-19 shelter-in-places, quarantines, and lockdowns have caused people to use social media and immediate messaging to stay in touch and/or communicate and buy hash online.

The New Social Scene

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Protecting Your Online Identity


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How to Value Your Domain Name

If you would like sell your own domain name, it is crucial for you to understand its actual value. It is because you have to keep away from underselling it, while there is nothing can beat over-selling within the domaining world. Despite the fact that you can find a lot of appraisal tools on the internet, the below factors should be thought about when you get the right value for the name.


Age truly matters while analyzing a domain name. A name which has been existing for several years might be acquainted with the search engines and this might increase its value. You may imagine a domain name which is about 10 years old, it can certainly be beneficial that one which is just a year old.

The Keys To Perfecting Your Amazon Product Listings

As pandemic restrictions have limited the amount of in-store shopping many around the world are doing, online shopping’s prominence has become increasingly clear. The capabilities that online shoppers have while browsing through online marketplaces are unlike those that they have while physically exploring a store. Online shoppers can compare millions of products based on their unique features, their prices and even other online shoppers’ reviews all without having to leave their homes. But just how much of an impact does online shopping have on the retail industry? Well, in 2019, just under two billion people purchased some sort of good or service online, and these purchases accounted for more than $3.5 trillion spent throughout the world.