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3 Steps To Pick The Perfect Photo For Your Project

If you are creating a project report, then you might also have to include photos in it. And though there are many stock photo websites, finding the perfect image that matches the project report can be tough. Below, we look at the three steps you can follow to make sure that you find the perfect photo for your report.

Know What You Want

You must have a very clear idea as to what exactly you want. Be as detailed as possible. If you are too vague, then you might end up wasting time trying to find a picture for the project. For example, suppose that you are looking for a picture for your project about setting up a house on a lakeside. Now, you might search for an image using a term like ‘lakeside house’. This is too simplistic. You have to first decide many other things like whether it will be a two storey or single storey house, whether it must be made of wood or glass, how near to the water the house should be, and so on. This will help you to identify the right pictures for your project quickly.

The Review Solution’s Steven Wyer on Responding to Public Feedback

More than half of all customers who leave negative reviews expect a response within 24 hours, according to digital branding expert Steven Wyer, who says there is a right way and a wrong way to reply. Here, Steven Wyer answers some of the most common questions from business owners new to the world of online customer reviews.

Q: How important is user generated content and word-of-mouth advertising for businesses?

Steven Wyer: It’s becoming clearer each year that user generated content (UGC), including online customer reviews, videos, and social media posts, are vital to a business’s success. There is no question that reviews significantly influence buying behavior.

Q: Do I need to respond to all customer reviews?

Steven Wyer: It’s a good idea to respond to as many reviews as possible. This lets your customers – and the search engines – know that you are active and willing to interact when they initiate a conversation.

Q: If I respond to negative feedback, how likely is it that the customer will remove the post?

Steven Wyer: While your customer is not obligated to remove negative reviews, approximately one-third of all customers who post about a poor experience will post a positive review once a resolution has been reached. A large percentage of these delete their negative review entirely.

Q: Are star ratings really relevant?

Steven Wyer: Absolutely, especially as they relate to online review platforms where anything less than four stars may put a business into disfavor in the eyes of the public.

Q: What are some tips on responding to positive reviews on sites such as Yelp and Travelocity?

Steven Wyer: Don’t react, respond. Always maintain a positive tone and thank the customer for taking their time to give you a shout out. While it’s okay to offer a generic response, adding a few specific bits of info pertinent to that particular review will be greatly appreciated.

Q: Should I discuss negative experiences online, in the open?

Steven Wyer: Where negative reviews are concerned, it’s always best to keep it short and sweet. Apologize, thank them for their feedback, and offer to resolve any issues offline.

Q: What if my customer is wrong? Should I respond as such?

Steven Wyer: Absolutely not. It is never a good idea to engage an unhappy customer with a defensive tone.

Q: What is review monitoring?

Steven Wyer: Review monitoring services are those that provide easy access across all review platforms. It can be difficult for a business owner to keep track across different sites; review monitoring and management services can ease the burden and keep a business owner more in touch with his client base.

Q: What are the benefits to comparing feedback across multiple locations?

Steven Wyer: If a company has multiple locations and one location is performing poorly compared to others, having the ability to compare online feedback can help management pinpoint where the problems lie and take immediate steps to fix them.

Q: How do customer reviews affect my online reputation?

Steven Wyer: Nearly 100% of online shoppers look at online customer reviews before selecting a company to perform a service; this is also true for product reviews as consumers want real-world feedback before making a financial commitment.


Learning From the Direct Marketing Masters’ Infomercials

Anyone writing ad copy can learn much from the direct marketing companies who have sales figures most of us can only dream of.

Techniques long ago perfected in Infomercials that you may also find in Internet advertisements include:

  • Demographic Targeting
  • Engaging, Memorial Product Names
  • Testimonials
  • Up Sells, Side Sell, Down Sells (you could be offered 6 options during an order call)
  • Limited supply or time – “We can’t do this all day”
  • Calls to Action – “Call Now!”
  • Inflated Handling & Shipping Charges

Vince (Shlomi), the new generation pitch man for the Sham Wow and the Slap Chop is more than a pith man, he turned out to be the owner of the Sham Wow, financing the infomercial at a relative shoe-string budget of $25,000 some of the lines in the now famous commercial were off the cuff. He turns out to have had a colorful career as an actor, writer and comedian and former member of Scientology according to wikipedia

Controversial or funny products that appear on broadcast TV program usually  most often being mocked, like the Thigh Master, Snuggy or Shake Weights often end up as hits, thanks to the extra exposure.

Watch and Learn from:, the CNBC Production:

As Seen on TV ; Inside the Infomercial Industry

It gives us a look at some of the most famous infomercial products, and their pitch men in this 150 Billion dollar industry.

One interviewed insider admitted that shipping and handling prices are market tested, the highest figure accepted by the customers is used.  Billy Mays, the pitch man (who has since succumbed to a head injury that occurred during a plane flight) has made sales in the Billions.

The program indicated that a product test period of 2 weeks determines whether product will be a success or failure, if a product makes it to your TV screen, the odds are it’s already a proven winner. The highest cost fctor is advertising, not the product production cost, for a product to be profitable it need to sell for twice the advertising cost.

Hiring a reliable limo service for your business trip

People whose business needs regular trips to the airport for business dealings usually will have transportation issues. When having business trip by car, there will be traffic issues, getting a space to park, the expensive rate of parking at the airport along with the additional time it takes to find your way from parking area to the airport itself. While there is no easy way of relieving such issues, you can solve them by hiring limo services.

If you live or are visiting Orange County, you are really lucky since this area is supported by one of the most efficient and also reliable car service orange county available. Orange county limo service is passionate in their expertise in traffic congestion and also alternate navigation. They are dedicated to transport you that lead to timely delivery. Not only on time delivery well-timed pickups for their clients are also really important. They can take the corporate clients to a crucial meeting, or simply home from an exhaustive business trip, their limo service is really good as they are ready and also waiting before their passengers arrives.

One more advantage to using the services of an Orange county limo service is the leisure time offered to its passengers. Often times, corporate travelers are working with their laptops, intercommunicating with other business partners or checking paperwork. A fantastic use of time which can turn into increased revenue. Also, the limo service makes a great sensation for a client. Using orange county limousine as a “meet and greet” for guests who are from a long distance is a warm welcome worth feeling. It shows you care to them and show that you are a successful businesses, are also really concerned with their safe and on time delivery without a stress of traffic, routes or even parking.

Vacation Ideas in Los Angeles With Limo Service

Los Angeles is a place that you will never forget to visit. You can find many thinhs to do in this most attractive of all cities. Whether it is a nightout on the town with family or friends or even having fun with a short vacation with all your family members, LA has many things for everyone. The local community is equally attractive for the outdoor activities.

LA ground transportation is a really crucial factor for your trip to be enjoyable. Driving a car through severe traffic while being forced to concern yourself with parking area or getting lost and the need to ask for routes are some of the things that may put a dampener on an entertaining event. How often have you ever felt like you might just sit back while the chauffeur took care of the driving a vehicle as you feel comfortable with a glass of champagne and also relaxing music!

With Los Angeles limo service all this can be done in which you can get the best ride on your trip. Enjoy yourself on your traveling while letting your professional chauffeur handle the driving and also parking. Qualified limo rentals in LA make sure you get a premium limousine with all the comforts you could consider on your trip. Built in bar, audio and video, leather seats, T .V, the list might still go on.
So where are you considering to go this weekend? In Los Angeles you will have a great list of places to visit. One of the most popular occasions is the Hollywood stars home tours in a limousine limo. Most tours include things like a night out to view the sights of the town.

If you also want to tread nature’s trail then ensure that you visit some tourist locations with anchor san diego limo service. Considering a trip in a stylish temperature-controlled sedan with luxurious upholstery, cold drinks from the freezer, and also nice music gives the fun of trip in San Diego.