You can Make Decent Money Writing Articles for Web Sites

Those with no special technical skills can make honest money writing short articles to help feed the insatiable demand for fresh content needed by webmasters to maintain search engine ranking. Working as freelancers can pay about $2 for rewriting existing content and $4 to $10+ for original 450 word articles written order. Most people pick up work at freelance connection sites, like elance, or through article writing brokerages.

Essential skills include fast accurate typing skills, to make decent money you should be able to knock out a pack of 10 articles in a day. An ability to artfully incorporate specified key word phrases as well as producing engaging magazine quality copy will help secure the better paying contracts. A downside of working on the internet is you are a member of a world wide pool of competing talent, many residing in 3rd world countries with low costs of living.  Those with a 1st language mastery of American English grammar and culture should emphasize these advantages in their resume.

Other forms of competition article writes face include private label rights (PLR) packages of pre-written articles,  some of these web site start kits authored by writing crews in India, are very inexpensive, there are compilations of 80,000 articles sell for pennies an article. Unfortunately, these stock articles do little to improve a web site’s ranking, due to search engines devaluating these unoriginal  “duplicate content” pieces.

Solution to the duplicate content problem include hiring someone to rewrite the articles or automated text re-writer programs, referred to as article spinners. The output of these text manglers is often barely readable gibberish though the latest spinners  intelligent use if thesaurus and grammar rules make more passable text.

Making the Big Bucks

To make a real living one probably has to move beyond piecemeal article assembly. Kenneth Rearden describes making $125 an hour in his article writing business by setting his own site supplying quality customers with premium articles, article packages using labor saving style templates and outsourcing.

Creating your own blog may not provide immediate returns, taking perhaps a year of development and regular article writing to produce a blog that with luck will have a big following that merits decent advertising revenue, from that point you can collect passive income with a moderate upkeep effort.

Highly paid writers do copywriters for marketers, creating engaging persuasive copy for web site sales pages and emails, the big names make thousands for single sales letters that are part of million dollar marketing programs. Frank Kern & Yanik Silver are copywriters who teach their techniques, for a price.