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Internet Business Legal Issue Reports, Ongoing

It appears that default judgments and voluntary dismissals occurring through Nov. 2010 seem to have caused the sites to be shut down, evidently it’s about trademark &  copyright infringement, presumably game cheats can shorten the total play time, lowering their revenue.

This is tough news for hundreds of affiliates promoting these products. Zynga sussed out the true names of some of the Click-bank operators using ‘stage names’ in their business, probably not the best time to come out.

Zynga VP, Bill Mooney was a trial lawyer for 5 years, presumably he masterminded the actions, he’s had an interesting background, writing for TV programs and animations before joining Zynga.

Zynga is no stranger to lawsuits, a class action lawsuit was brought against them and Facebook in late 2009 for facilitating scam product offers through Zwinky toolbar installations.

You can view a presentation in which Zynga founder Mark Pinkus admitted using shady methods to keep the doors open. At about 10:40 of the video following is said:

“I did every horrible thing in the book to, just to get revenues right away. I mean we gave our users poker chips if they downloaded this zwinky toolbar which was like, I dont know, I downloaded it once and couldn’t get rid of it.”

Often internet marketing scams most commonly involving automatic re-billing of credit cards are eventually stopped when the bank handling their merchant account shuts them down after receiving too many consumer complaints, some financial institutions look the other way in order to continue to received their processing fees. Here’s an example of the money people prosecuted.

A 2007 complaint filed by the FTC and seven states alleges that Your Money Access, LLC and its subsidiary, YMA Company, LLC,  processed unauthorized debits on behalf of deceptive telemarketers and Internet-based schemes that were violating the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule and state consumer protection laws.

The companies provided access to the banking system and the means to extract money from consumers’ bank accounts, a critical role in such schemes. The FTC alleged that in many instances the merchants either sent consumers relatively worthless items or completely failed to deliver the promised products or services.

You can Make Decent Money Writing Articles for Web Sites

Those with no special technical skills can make honest money writing short articles to help feed the insatiable demand for fresh content needed by webmasters to maintain search engine ranking. Working as freelancers can pay about $2 for rewriting existing content and $4 to $10+ for original 450 word articles written order. Most people pick up work at freelance connection sites, like elance, or through article writing brokerages.

Essential skills include fast accurate typing skills, to make decent money you should be able to knock out a pack of 10 articles in a day. An ability to artfully incorporate specified key word phrases as well as producing engaging magazine quality copy will help secure the better paying contracts. A downside of working on the internet is you are a member of a world wide pool of competing talent, many residing in 3rd world countries with low costs of living.  Those with a 1st language mastery of American English grammar and culture should emphasize these advantages in their resume.

Other forms of competition article writes face include private label rights (PLR) packages of pre-written articles,  some of these web site start kits authored by writing crews in India, are very inexpensive, there are compilations of 80,000 articles sell for pennies an article. Unfortunately, these stock articles do little to improve a web site’s ranking, due to search engines devaluating these unoriginal  “duplicate content” pieces.

Solution to the duplicate content problem include hiring someone to rewrite the articles or automated text re-writer programs, referred to as article spinners. The output of these text manglers is often barely readable gibberish though the latest spinners  intelligent use if thesaurus and grammar rules make more passable text.

Making the Big Bucks

To make a real living one probably has to move beyond piecemeal article assembly. Kenneth Rearden describes making $125 an hour in his article writing business by setting his own site supplying quality customers with premium articles, article packages using labor saving style templates and outsourcing.

Creating your own blog may not provide immediate returns, taking perhaps a year of development and regular article writing to produce a blog that with luck will have a big following that merits decent advertising revenue, from that point you can collect passive income with a moderate upkeep effort.

Highly paid writers do copywriters for marketers, creating engaging persuasive copy for web site sales pages and emails, the big names make thousands for single sales letters that are part of million dollar marketing programs. Frank Kern & Yanik Silver are copywriters who teach their techniques, for a price.

A First Rate CPA Tutorial At a Bargain Price

Some people are getting wealthy virtually overnight doing CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate marketing. In which the affiliate is paid for just getting someone to provide contact information. Due to the high profit potential, training courses by the gurus are priced in the $1000, I recently reviewed a course consisting of 10 hours of recorded webinars that has been selling as a Warrior Special Offer for $47. [ As usual this is not a product pre-launch hype review,  I didn’t get a chance to see it until a friend had fully digested his copy of this course] this WSO was first offered in June 2010, the low price has to do with the author not having a big guru name, and the absence of the usual huge sales affiliate cuts, (one of the other CPA courses gave a car to it’s top affiliate, sadly this is an uncompensated review). This course is due to be expanded and repackaged for broader distribution at a cost of $149, still a bargain in comparison to far too many guru courses that are priced as if we were already millionaires. (There is one Facebook automation product recommended in the course that has since received a C&D from Facebook and been removed from the market)

Chad Hamzeh although relatively new to internet marketing, has been quite successful claiming to have made $350,000 gross in 13 months, which is pretty much the length of his CPA career. No doubt the quick success has to do with his driven, over achiever nature, he was a pro MMA fighter with an 18 fight record before getting into marketing. (There seem to be some parallels with Tim Ferris of The 4 Hour Work Week, who won a kickboxing tournament employing strategy in which he re-gained 28 pounds in the 24 hours following the weigh in.) Chad, who is a Ferris fan also demonstrates his smarts and solid communication skills in this course.

In the Conversion Campus course Chad shares in a forthright manner, his first hand experience with what actually works for him in CPA , (let’s hope he doesn’t get too flashy in the future) , he only recommends resources and strategies that he has had success with, he shares all the details of one example campaign that earned him $2440 in 7 Days. This course doesn’t attempt to teach the basics, he concentrates on insights you can’t gain from reading a manual. The biggest part of the course focuses on the different paid traffic sources ranging from $10 a day Pay Per Click to $100,000 a month media buys. While all the CPA courses emphasize the importance of getting a 24 hour out clause written into a media insertion order, Chad goes on to detail several other important options of an insertion order. Other traffic sources discussed include social media, mainly Facebook, direct site banner placement and CPV. Chad ranks the top 4 CPA networks he works with, but provides a list of some 100 others. He also discusses split testing and tracking, detailing the advantages of the pay per use tracker he uses, which adds a $0.04 to $0.11 CPM cost to your traffic.

You can get a feel for his style by viewing a free 1 hour introduction to the course, in which he provides useful ppc traffic information, and shows the step by step setup of an early  CPA campaign, While I can’t recommend that a beginner start with CPA marketing, (you can blow a lot of money before getting the hang of it, some lost big money following one less then authentic course), there’s enough information on moderate volume paid traffic, like a basic affiliate website might need, to make the course worthwhile for most marketers.

I’ll just provide you the link to the Chad Hamzeh site, where you can sign in to an (unverified) email submission form to get access to the prequel video, clicking the banner currently takes you to the $47 WSO, but expect it to take you to the fancy wrapped higher priced version shortly.

Learning From the Direct Marketing Masters’ Infomercials

Anyone writing ad copy can learn much from the direct marketing companies who have sales figures most of us can only dream of.

Techniques long ago perfected in Infomercials that you may also find in Internet advertisements include:

  • Demographic Targeting
  • Engaging, Memorial Product Names
  • Testimonials
  • Up Sells, Side Sell, Down Sells (you could be offered 6 options during an order call)
  • Limited supply or time – “We can’t do this all day”
  • Calls to Action – “Call Now!”
  • Inflated Handling & Shipping Charges

Vince (Shlomi), the new generation pitch man for the Sham Wow and the Slap Chop is more than a pith man, he turned out to be the owner of the Sham Wow, financing the infomercial at a relative shoe-string budget of $25,000 some of the lines in the now famous commercial were off the cuff. He turns out to have had a colorful career as an actor, writer and comedian and former member of Scientology according to wikipedia

Controversial or funny products that appear on broadcast TV program usually  most often being mocked, like the Thigh Master, Snuggy or Shake Weights often end up as hits, thanks to the extra exposure.

Watch and Learn from:, the CNBC Production:

As Seen on TV ; Inside the Infomercial Industry

It gives us a look at some of the most famous infomercial products, and their pitch men in this 150 Billion dollar industry.

One interviewed insider admitted that shipping and handling prices are market tested, the highest figure accepted by the customers is used.  Billy Mays, the pitch man (who has since succumbed to a head injury that occurred during a plane flight) has made sales in the Billions.

The program indicated that a product test period of 2 weeks determines whether product will be a success or failure, if a product makes it to your TV screen, the odds are it’s already a proven winner. The highest cost fctor is advertising, not the product production cost, for a product to be profitable it need to sell for twice the advertising cost.