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Event Planner as an Inspiring Career

If you are someone who has always enjoyed gathering and bringing people together, you may want to think about getting into a career in event planning. Party or event planning is the process of setting up a plan for all sorts of different gatherings including fundraisers, weddings, conferences, birthdays and much more. As an event planner, you would be handling a wide variety of details that could include everything from location and budget to decorations, food and more.

Anyone who would like to become an event planner may find that it will be easy to gather some clients that would like you to help them throw a party here and there. However, when you take the initiative to go to school for event planning, you are going to have a whole new level of skills and credibility that you can bring to the table. By going to a college or a university for a degree in event planning, you are going to have a career that will bring you much further than you could have ever expected. This could include professional event planning, corporate events, tourism, hospitality and much more.

There is something to be said about a great party or event planner, as this is an area that is never going to go out of style. There will always be people who are in need of special events or festivities for celebrations, so this is a perfect and inspiring career to jump into. Once you are focused on your event planning career path, you will be able to enjoy a diverse client base and a job that will always be new, fresh and exciting. Instead of simply planning a few small parties here and there, you can go the extra mile to make event planning a worthy career choice.

Corporate Training Strategies and Practices

If you are a manager at a large company then you have a lot to consider when it comes to training your employees. You must make sure that all new (and existing) employees understand the best practices that apply to working in their environment and that they share the same company ethos. Corporate training strategies require far more than just training hard skills – they exist to ensure that employees work effectively and efficiently as a part of a bigger team. There are several things that training providers should remember when working with corporations.


The first thing to think about is the frequency with which training is delivered. All new starters should, of course, receive training. However it is not just new starters that need trained. You should also think about existing employees – do they need a refresher course? If so, how often should their training be re-visited?


Some corporations bring in trainers to offer on-site education. This is a low friction way of training employees and it can work well in some environments, but it is not perfect. Depending on the number of employees needing training, off-site courses may make more sense from the point of view of saving time, offering high quality training, and delivering the content to as many people as possible.


It is important that the content of the training course is tailored to the company and the skill level of the individuals receiving the training. The course should also be up-to-date. If it is not, then the employees will lose interest, or will become confused quite quickly. Fresh, current and accurate training materials are a must have for any corporate training course. Ideally, a team leader should review all training materials before they are delivered for the first time.

How to Start an Online Wholesale Clothing Business from your home

If you are looking for work that doesn’t require you to commute or keep boring on working hours, you might want to give home-based business a try. If you have a good eye for fashion, you should try opening your own online clothing store. All you need is a supplier, preferably that sells products in bulk. If you need cheap products that are well-made, you should find a wholesale clothing supplier. Once you have one, these are what you need to start making money online.

Understand taxation In Your Country

Please note that most countries require even online stores to pay taxes for their business. It would help if you Googled the tax laws in your area. If anything is unclear, you could ask an accountant to help you sort things out. Make sure you complete all of the required documents beforehand.

Get A Bank Account And A Credit Card

You will need a bank account and a credit card to set up online payment options for your future customers. Most of these sites will require you to verify your account with a credit card. You will need a bank account as well, this is where you can send your money.

Set Up An Online Payment Account

If you plan to do business, you will need an online payment account. This will allow you to use it to pay your supplier of the goods and your potential customers can pay you with this method. This could be in your name or that of your company. Sites like Escrow, Paypal or Payoneer are commonly used by potential buyers.

Social Media Platform/s

We live in an age where you can buy everything you need online. Therefore, marketing your profile to provide it with more visibility is a must. To start, you will need to have social media accounts from reputable platforms in your area. Feel free to advertise on mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms, especially ones that people in your area frequent.

Take Pictures of Your Products

No one wants to see clothes heaped on the floor, as this is not a flea market. If you have a friend who can help you obtain the services of a model or one who can model your wares, you will find it easier to take pictures of your products. Make sure you use minimal editing, as customers prefer to see pictures of the clothes they want to buy on an actual human being, not a hanger.

Improve Your Visibility

You should hire the services of a blogger or two to create hype. This will make their followers want your wares. Please make sure that you get bloggers who share your unique fashion aesthetic. Most bloggers will be happy to do so if you give them freebies. However, some may want cash.

You can also invite more people and hold a contest wherein you provide a significant discount or a product for at least three winners. There is nothing that motivates people better than the promise of free things.

Setting up your online shop is not rocket science. If you are an entrepreneur who understands what the market wants, this should be a walk in the park, or a catwalk in this case.

Why Online Name Card Printing Services Are Getting Popular

Despite the many problems the world is facing today, modern technology makes things better. Take for instance, printing. In the past, if you wanted to have something printed, you had to search for a printing service that specializes in printing what you need.

You needed to draw up the design of what you want to print; call up prospective printing services, transfer the print design to a film; proof it; select the paper; and so forth.

The Convenience of Modern Printing

These days, there is no need for this complexity. The entire printing process has already been digitalized. Starting from the design, ordering and all the way up to printing, the process has been cut short, thus saving time and printing costs.

And eventually businesses started offering online printing. It didn’t take long for online printing to be in vogue making the printing process even easier and cheaper. For instance, if in the past you needed to print name cards, the printing company will charge you a good deal of money, for a few hundred pieces. That was reasonable because of the laborious process involved.

To have good quality name card Nowadays, all you have to do is to choose a business card template available for free in some websites, and if you don’t have a personal printer, you can ask an online printing company to do it for you. In just a couple of days, you will have your cards delivered at your doorstep, at a very affordable cost. This is the primary reason why online printing is very popular today.

What You Need to Do

If you need a name card printed for work or for personal use, the step by step process is not that difficult. To get the best printed name cards, here are the steps you need to follow:

    1. Choose a printing service – you are advised to compare at least three printing companies to get the best rate.
    2. Fill out their order form.
    3. Choose the paper you want for your name card.
    4. Specify the printing colors – whether it is just black or full color. This will also depend on the color of your logo (if you have any).
    5. Specify if you want print on both sides of the card. Printing on both sides normally doubles the cost.
    6. Specify how many cards you need.
    7. Specify when you need them to be completed.
    8. Upload your name card design.
    9. Wait for the printed proof of the card.

If you’re happy with it, you can place your order, and pay for your name cards.

Using temporary email service as an anti-spam solution

Temporary email address, generally known as disposable email redirect service is a helpful service for the purpose of subscribing unfamiliar newsletter if you are forced to. Disposable email address is an allegedly anti-spam alternative, you can easily use it. Take advantage of this email address to join a service you are only interested to use once and get the confirmation in your temporary inbox. You can find a lot of methods in dealing with junk or spam emails, you can buy the most excellent anti-spam filter but spammers will continue sending email messages to your inbox. For me personally, the most convenient way is to use a temporary email address, often referred to as disposable email address.

You can use such Email address without register and then create your own unique email addresses. You can find many temporary Email address online and my favorite is EmailOnDeck temporary email site. is the leading service for all things associated with throwaway, disposable and temporary email addresses. There many benefits you will get from as follows:

  • It is always free and simple to use
  • Setup temporary emails fast in just 2 easy steps
  • Used by many professionals all around the world
  • Protect your privacy by blocking spam in your personal inbox
  • Emails are being securely deleted

How is different from other disposable email service?

The brief answer is was developed by a team of professionals who know the way email systems work. It is really insignificant for many websites to identify whether an email address is temporary or not. If websites identify your email address is temporary, they will block you from registration with their services. makes it very hard for websites to identify your email addresses as temporary. In, your emails only can be viewed by you. Other disposable email address services let anyone knowing your email address to view your inbox.

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