Reuben Singh : A successful British entrepreneur

Reuben Singh is a British entrepreneur widely known mainly for his two companies AlldayPA and Miss Attitude. From his starting point in Poynton, Cheshire, he rocketed to becoming successful and 1998 Guinness Book of World Records awarded him as the youngest millionaire in the world.

AlldayPA was established in 1999 and now has been handling the calls for over 23, 000 UK businesses handling its tasks as a Customer service Team, Virtual reception and Switchboard. Highly knowledgeable teams of staff all primarily based in the company’s UK operation centers represent the phone answering service and virtual receptionist for SME’s and also reputable companies in UK.

He was also selected as one of 6 members of the UK government taskforce to research and report on the DCMS Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports and he also become the ambas forsadors National Enterprise Campaigns together with James Dyson, Richard Branson and also Sir Alan Sugar. Also, Fortune magazine nominated Reuben Singh as the richest entrepreneur under the age of 30 , valuing him at greater than £95 million , at the same time the Independent newspaper add him in its list of people ‘ahead of their time’.

Reuben Singh also has his portrait featured in the National Portrait Gallery in London and he was also honored by HM The Queen for his participation of ‘Pioneers to the Life of the Nation’ at Buckingham Palace. At that time, he was also selected by the Davos-based World Economic Forum to participate in ‘Global Leaders for Tomorrow Program.’

His most recent business interests are becoming the CEO of Isher Capital, a private equity fund with a focus on phone answering and also B2B service for investments, with liquidity reserves of over £46m to allocate to acquisitions and also investments.

Using Search engine optimization To Promote Applications

For a lot of companies, the development of a Smartphone application to help their brand image has turned into a “no-brainer” step towards creating a new brand, not to mention, with any applications development, one must also consider how you can promote that application through something similar to Search engine optimization, while using range of techniques within reach of a Search engine optimization company to produce a buzz round the new application, hopefully pushing it to the top sales charts.

First though, the application must be produced, which step can frequently be the most challenging. Very couple of companies are able to afford to produce a division of the company to dedicate to applications development, unless of course that’s already their business. It’s just uncommon to possess a new a part of the organization produced to perform a single application. The choice would be to make contact with a company which makes applications for companies that can’t afford to achieve the applications development completed in house. One of these simple development houses can make an application exactly to some client’s specs very rapidly.

What type of application should a company be searching for when attempting to advertise themselves? You will find a number of different routes to consider if this involves business applications development, and typically the most popular appears is the development of some kind of “Advertising Application” where its main purpose would be to advertise. Sure, it can make the eventual Search engine optimization simple for the Search engine optimization company doing the work, however it leaves the customer unhappy, and they’re improving at choosing individuals applications and disregarding them. Rather, many companies are thinking about using application co-branding, where they take a current (popular) Smartphone game, after which slap their branding onto it. The overall game is going to be downloaded a lot of time, even though the Search engine optimization is a lot tougher for the Search engine optimization company to complete, the bottom audience even without Search engine optimization becomes enormous.

When the application has been created, it’s time to move onto the promotion step. This, will obviously, requires Search engine optimization, ideally made by a skilled Search engine optimization company. If done properly, this kind of strategy can result in the application distributing very quickly, and climbing sales charts rapidly. When the application is on the surface of the sales charts, even when it just remains there for any couple of days, the interest it receives could be more than well worth the energy production produced in both applications development and also the Search engine optimization company.

Tips to performing an SEO Audit

Search engine optimization is a very broad term. The term mainly encompasses a variety of different techniques used by website owners in order to make their websites more visible and improve their website rankings. When a person searches for a random keyword through a search engine, a series of results pop up. However, many people find the answer to what they are looking for within the first few results only. Basically, this means that the websites listed at the top are the ones that are able to generate the most amount of traffic.

Obviously, the more traffic you are able to get, the more revenue you will generate from your website. Most website owners generally perform a variety of SEO techniques to make sure their websites remain visible. However, if you feel that the traffic on your page is declining day by day, it might be time to perform an SEO audit. Unfortunately, most website owners don’t even know how to perform an SEO audit. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Use a Crawling Application

Google and other search engines generally use robot crawlers in order to figure out the viability of your website. If you feel that the traffic is declining on your page, you should consider downloading a crawling application such as Screaming Frog. This application will allow you to figure out any issues with your website. The programme is free to use as long as your website has less than 500 pages. If you are serious about the optimization of your website, it might be a wise idea to invest in buying this software. The crawling application will make your life exponentially easier, mainly because it crawls your website in a similar manner to Googlebot.

Check for Broken Links

Broken links can seriously cause damage to the overall traffic on your website. If there are broken links on your website, you could end up losing a large chunk of your visitors. When Google’s crawlers go through the links on any website, they immediately leave if the crawler comes across a broken link. Now, imagine if the crawler follows through several broken links on one site. Google will think that the website actually has a negative impact on the user experience. This will lead to a considerable drop in the rankings of your website. Using a crawling application might highlight all common issues with your website, including any broken links.

Page Load Speed Test

Nobody likes waiting around for minutes just for a page to load up. If your website is taking a considerable amount of time to load up, it might be a wise idea to run a speed test. There are plenty of independent page load speed tests that you can carry out in order to determine the average website loading times. This will give you an idea of whether the website loads up on time or not.

Wedding Photography – The Best Solution to Capture Your Special Moments

Your wedding can be the most exclusive and unforgettable moment in Brisbane. For that reason, you will be making almost any effort to ensure it is wonderful and memorable. Before your wedding is getting started, from that really occasion you set about planning your wedding ceremony. Besides the busyness of wedding pre-planning, you may even be thinking about the most convenient way to capture those beautiful occasions. The challenge might be to choose from the numerous and professional wedding photographer available in the marketplace. Choosing the best wedding photographer that matches your preference and budget is actually related to proper planning and research.

You can find a lot of Brisbane wedding photography styles which you can choose from wedding photographers. If you want a fashionable and exotic style, you can actually choose contemporary photography. When classic style attracts you, then you certainly can choose conventional photography. A combination of both contemporary and classic may also lead to unique style.

Wedding photographer also offer a standard and formal style while in contrast a beach wedding can naturally keep away from the classic look. Based on your personal style and the location you choose to host the wedding party, a wedding photographer will plan your photo shoot well in advance. The wedding photographer will likely visit the location in advance to determine the best suited lighting and also camera angle options.

You  can find a lot of photographers who offer wedding photography in Brisbane. They also offer their excellent service all across Brisbane. To make your wedding an enjoyable experience, they provide you customized and personalized services to meet your requirements. You can browse online to find the wedding photographer in Brisbane and check their work portfolio to know precisely their photography style .

Point Of Sale Supply Cost Effectiveness

The path to creating the competitive advantage you need to get ahead of competitors

Ask any seasoned businessman the question “What is the most important aspect of a business?” and he would reply without blinking “keep your costs low and your risks lower”.

Well, the truth is that managers tend to neglect the little things because of the bigger things which keep their mind occupied. What they ‘do not’ realise is the fact that taking care of the big things and leaving the ‘little things’ unattended is equivalent to taking care of the small things and neglecting the bigger things. This can be attributed to the fact that the little things eventually ‘add up” and become a “big thing” themselves.

These ‘small things’ are accumulative in nature and is often attributed to ‘suppliers’ strategy of going easy on price for certain business tools or machinery, but they make up for the margins ‘over time’ via the ‘support items’ that cost very little per unit, but the quantity used usually runs into the thousands for any given financial year. These substantial costs are normally part of the ‘miscellaneous’ cost in the year-end financial statement.

One good example of this situation is the printers for POS (Point of Sale) systems which still generally use either thermal, Eftpos or standard ink receipt printers.  What managers do not see about these systems is the fact that if the business involves selling large products such as machinery or office equipment and end up using the POS system once or twice a day, the direct cost of utilising the POS system would be easily negligible based on the fact that the receipt paper rolls will probably be changed only once a month and less than 12 receipt paper rolls are used for the entire year.

On the other hand, if the business is a convenience store or a supermarket even and sells FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), the chances that the receipt paper rolls for each POS will be changed more than just once in a day. Depending on the volume of business, the total receipt rolls used could be quite significant. The cost factors about these little ‘essential business elements’ are relatively least understood. For instance, the size and type of printer would determine the size and type of paper that will be used whether one ply, two ply, carbon based or thermal receipt paper rolls.

Another factor is that, such things are rarely subjected to price checks and suppliers have been aware of this fact for a long time and use it to their advantage when they establish supply contracts with a firm. The same business strategy may be observed in the ‘printer and ink’ industry where the printers are sold cheaply in the market and they hardly make any margin on them, however the real profit is in the ink that they sell by the thousands at high margins.

HP, Canon, Epson and many other large IT related companies made a lot of money using this very business strategy that business managers still seem to overlook.